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This poster summarizes a relationship-building tool called the Four Directions, which allows people to discover their temperament types and social styles and those of others.


By exploring various personality traits related to each direction, clients can gain a better understanding of their needs, desires, strengths and weaknesses, and much more. 

This tool is inspired by Carl Young psychology and summarizes teachings from the book Walking the Medicine Wheel Path In Daylight - An Exploration of the Medicine Wheel Teachings on Human Relationships by Donato Clanci 'Pathmaker' and Suzanne Nadon 'Sunshine'.


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Discovering the Four Directions
Temperament and Social Styles - The Big Picture

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Building Resilience by Understanding Others and Ourselves

Resilience, which describes our ability to bounce back from adversity is an important skill in this changing world. It can help us in times of physical illness, during transition periods and in times of uncertainty. This workshop explores resilience and the importance that understanding yourself and others plays in developing resilience. A resilience-building tool is presented called The Four Directions, which allows participants to discover four temperament types and social styles. This tool is based on Carl Young psychology and inspired by the Medicine Wheel Teachings on Human Relationships. 

Developing Assertiveness

Do you have trouble speaking up? When interacting with some people, do you feel like a doormat? Perhaps you have difficulty stating your price or collecting your accounts receivable. In this workshop, we will explore the differences among passive, assertive and aggressive personalities, and discuss strategies for strengthening your assertive qualities. Learn tips for ensuring that you get your needs met while encouraging positive interactions in your business and personal life. Special attention will be given to developing assertiveness around money issues. 3 hour session

Dealing With Difficult People

Someone once said, "Work would be great if it weren't for the people." Are you finding that people in your life are difficult to deal with? Perhaps you have a client or a supplier or a family member who drives you to distraction. This workshop will help you to identify the different types of "difficult people" and develop strategies to lessen the difficulty you have with them. 

The Psychology of Difference Course

This course is essential for anyone who values interpersonal skills or who wants to become more self aware. It is strongly recommended for anyone who has an interest in psychology and human behaviour. People around the world share many things as part of our common humanity. But that said, we are often aware - sometimes painfully aware - of the differences between ourselves and others. In this 5 part course, you will learn about temperament type and generational differences specifically, and the conflict dynamic that so often results. As part of the course you will assess your own temperament using both the Jungian model and the Medicine Wheel model. These classes are an easy, fun and thought-provoking way to get a handle on people’s differences and to enhance your self understanding. Improve your interpersonal skills as you develop a solid grasp of the psychology of difference. Understand more about work and relationship compatibilities. Practise strategies for becoming a more effective communicator, resolving conflicts and building your and others’ self-esteem.

These classes are offered by Learning Initiative Inc


Understanding Cultural Differences

This course was developped to raise awareness around cultural differences between people. By outlining the various nuances of each culture, we can begin to understand what makes us unique and at the same time what makes us all alike. 



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De-cluttering and Organizing

In an effort to help you simplify your space, we offer help to de-clutter or organize your home or work space. This service can include a computer model of proposed furniture placement plans. Get a free quote today!

Personality Profiles

Looking to understand yourself better? Hoping to get along better with your spouse, children or parent? Looking for a fun evening out with friends or a different kind of date night with your partner? We offer individual or group personality readings. Each client receives a personalized profile of their personality, including self-care strategies, tips to better relate to others and more! Book your personality reading today!

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Customized Learning Material

Looking to create some pedagogical materials for your organization? We develop online and printed resources for various public and private organizations. Choose from various formats including concept maps, posters, information sheets, articles, and online learning tools.

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Educational consulting services include:
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