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Aquarium Life

Explore your interests, skills, personality traits and personal value systems, 
identify what you want and set goals
for the future.

Personal Development

Playing Video Games

Improve the quality of your relationships. Learn about communication, dealing with difficult people, understanding others and assertiveness.

Relationships and Culture

Stacks of Coins

Learn to manage your finances and time, in an effort to become more efficient and financially stable, as well as to develop a healthy relationship with time and money.

Finances and Time Management

Crate of Fresh Fruit

Explore the benefits of exercise, good diet and nutrition on your physical and mental health.

Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Sad Girl in the Window

Explore moods, emotional intelligence, stress management, positive psychology and also mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Emotional and Mental Health


Exercise cognitive functions with art, writing, computers and other brain-stimulating activities. Also get a better understanding of learning styles, memory and creativity.

Intellect and Creativity