Emotional and Mental Health

This poster is a summary of the Science of Happiness - Positive Psychology. It looks at what is happiness, what happiness is not, characteristics and beliefs of happy people and things research shows you can do today to create happiness in your life. 

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Anxiety 101
Anxiety - The Big Picture

This poster is a summary of what is anxiety, what are its causes, the purpose of anxiety and how you can help reduce anxiety in your life.


How to Create Happiness
Research based happiness boosters

This poster gives you a list of things you can do today to create happiness in your life.


9 States of Happiness

Article by: Natalie Poulin-Lehoux

This article explores what happiness is.

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The Value of Spirituality to Improve Mental Health

Article by: Natalie Poulin-Lehoux

This article explores what contributes to good Mental health and how spirituality can contribute to good mental health.

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Happiness 101
Positive Psychology - The Big Picture

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Introduction to Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a positive approach to mental health in which the traits, characteristics and beliefs of happy people are studied in order to draw conclusions about happiness. In this course, we explore what is happiness and its different components. We look at obstacles to happiness and then overview ways to cultivate it in your life.

Building Happiness in Your Life

A follow-up to Introduction Positive Psychology - The Science of Happiness, this course is a more hands-on workshop designed to help individual develop a plan to build and create happiness into their own lives. 


Don't feel like going to work in the morning? Tired of cleaning the bathroom for the zillionth time and so have decided to let things naturally grow in there? Dragging your feet (and your kids' feet) to get everyone to hockey practice every week? This course explores motivation, what motivates us and why we feel unmotivated to do certain things in our lives.

Anxiety 101

What is anxiety? Where does it come from? How can we overcome it? How can we help loved-ones who suffer from anxiety? This course explores these questions and gives an overview of different anxiety disorders and treatments. 



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De-cluttering and Organizing

In an effort to help you simplify your space, we offer help to de-clutter or organize your home or work space. This service can include a computer model of proposed furniture placement plans. Get a free quote today!

Personality Profiles

Looking to understand yourself better? Hoping to get along better with your spouse, children or parent? Looking for a fun evening out with friends or a different kind of date night with your partner? We offer individual or group personality readings. Each client receives a personalized profile of their personality, including self-care strategies, tips to better relate to others and more! Book your personality reading today!

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Customized Learning Material

Looking to create some pedagogical materials for your organization? We develop online and printed resources for various public and private organizations. Choose from various formats including concept maps, posters, information sheets, articles, and online learning tools.

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Educational consulting services include:
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Book an appointment with one of our certified Life Coaches today to better understand Emotional and Mental Health. Start by understanding the science of happiness, positive psychology, which looks at characteristics and beliefs of happy people.