Consulting and Resource Development


Educational Consulting Services

Our primary consulting business has included:

•Statistical analysis and data management

•Credit recognition and transferability in the post-secondary education system

• Transfer agreement development

• Policy Writing

• Soft skills and general self development

• Upskilling the workforce and employability training

• Mental health education

• Adult education and essential skills

• What’s trending in technology and IT education

• Personal pathway development

• Curriculum development and delivery

• Online education

• Other training and professional development


We also specialize in:

• Student success

• Student retention

• Student recruitment

• Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR)

• Access to employment

• Self-employment training

• Human resource training

• Education for seniors

• Pedagogy and andragogy

Our team have expertise in various fields:

  • Education

  • Personal Development

  • Positive Psychology and Mental Health

  • Computer Science and Mathematics

  • Employment Services

and have a good knowledge of and access to resources in Northern Ontario.

We recognize the challenges involved in creating change in various industries and systems and look for opportunities to simplify pathways to create that change.

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Educational Resource Development

We develop educational resources, which are designed to support clients’ needs and current trends. These are available in the form of

• courses and workshops

• educational programs and curriculum

• concept maps and flowcharts

• posters and quick reference charts

• data analysis & trends analysis


• information sheets and worksheets

• websites

These materials can include:

•    Printed resources

•    Online downloadable resources

•    Online learning resources

We also offer:

•    Fully customizable resources in each of 
      the product categories.


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What differentiates us from others?


What differentiates Simplify Learning from other consulting firms is our ability to understand the big picture.


Our consultants bring years of expertise and experience from various education sectors including elementary and secondary education, post-secondary and adult education, educational resource development and publishing, as well as mathematics, information synthesis and statistical analysis.


We are able to recommend simple solutions that

  • simplify information and allow clients to understand large amounts of data at a glance;

  • analyse current systems to identify redundancies;

  • combine separate elements to form a coherent whole.


The value provided to the client is:

  • Time Savings: we do the research and give clients the big picture to help save them time

  • Cost Savings: we provide thorough data analysis to allow clients to make cost-saving decisions

  • Reliable Information: we provide an accurate picture or representation of a current situation or topic from a variety of credible sources