About Us

Simplify Happiness, an organization focused on providing quality education for self-development, started in 2013. The company was created when Natalie Poulin-Lehoux, who had taught at both secondary and post-secondary levels, began to notice emerging trends among her students, as well as among her colleagues. Anxiety and depression, along with other wellness-related issues, were preventing students from thriving in school and employees from enjoying their work. This led to Natalie doing extensive research in the fields of positive psychology and spiritual psychology. She then created a variety of workshops which she delivered in many settings to students and employees throughout Ontario and Canada.


In 2016, we noticed that educational institutions were looking for other specialized services to better understand student demographics in order to ensure student success and facilitate student pathways towards their own personal goals.


Simplify Learning, an educational consultation firm, was launched to assist universities and colleges with data collection and analysis and developing collaborations between universities and colleges. Our team of consultants work together to provide quality services to various clients, including but not limited to facilitating collaborations, providing opportunities for francophone cultures and immersion students, creating wellbeing, character and soft skill development, developing resources for mental health education and integration of technology to bring the classroom into the 21st century.

Today, Simplify Happiness works with Simplify Learning to offers workshops, educational resources and individual coaching based on current research in the following fields:
•    Physical Fitness and Nutrition
•    Emotional and Mental Health
•    Spirituality and Self Development
•    Intellect and Creativity
•    Finances and Time Management
•    Relationships and Culture

In 2018, Simplify Learning and Simplify Happiness teamed up to offer a new line of educational resources that:
•    Promote and increase wellness through learning
•    Facilitate learning in various in-demand fields by simplifying complex subjects and systems
•    Allow clients to understand concepts by providing big-picture flowchart and charts

We do the research and give clients the big picture to help save them time, we provide thorough data analysis to allow clients to make cost-saving decisions and we provide an accurate picture or representation of a current situation or topic from a variety of credible sources.


Wellness through learning


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer educational services and products that create wellness, support healthy relationships and assist individuals and organizations with setting and achieving goals by using big-picture thinking and data analysis. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential through learning.

Our vision is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential through learning.

Core Values


Creativity: We use of imagination to turn ideas into reality. Creativity allows us to perceive the world in different ways, to make connections and to generate solutions using out-of-the-box thinking.


Learning: We look for opportunities to help each individual reach their full potential. We believe that all potential can be achieved by learning and that all learning can be simplified, into manageable, bite-sized pieces.


Relationships: We think that understanding and connecting with others is key to creating wellness, happiness and success.


Other values that are important at Simplify Learning:


Reliability: We can be consistently depended on to follow through on our commitments and decisions.


Integrity and character: We have strong moral principles. We always do our best to treat people with courtesy, kindness, dignity and grace, and when we make mistakes, we take responsibility and try to set things right.


Excellence: We strive for excellence, which unlike perfection, is a healthy striving to be the best that we can be.


Freedom and Responsibility: Although these can seem to be incompatible, we believe that each individual should be free to make their own decisions and choose their own pathways, while understanding that their actions have consequences and taking responsibility what they create in their lives. 


We are free to build the life we want and are responsible for the life we have.