Personal Development

This poster is a summary of all things Personal Development. A useful resource for Life Coaches, Guidance Counsellors, Employment Counsellors or individuals looking to design their lives.

Identifying Your Interests
What do I like?

This is a tool to help you discover what interests are, an inventory of possible interests and what you like and are curious about.


Identifying Your Skills
What am I good at?

This is a tool to help you discover what skills are, an inventory of possible skills and what you are good at doing.



Identifying Your Core Values
What do I believe?

This is a tool to help you discover what values are, an inventory of possible values and what is important to you.

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Life Design 101
Creating My Life Plan - The Big Picture

Learning Resources

Who Am I?
Interests, Skills, Values and Personality Explored

This course explores identity by helping individuals identify their interests, skills, core values and personality traits. Data is collected through tests, quizzes and discussions and then analyzed to explore possible future goals.

The Power of
Desire and Intention

In this course, we look at identifying your desires in various dimensions of your life. These desires include material things, work goals, desired feelings and states, as well as any other desires one would have. We also explore the power of intention and we create affirmations and a dream board, to help make your desires a reality.

Spirituality Today
Review of Litterature

This lecture series explores various books. The first part of each lecture includes a summary of key concepts of each book and the second part includes enrichment activities to explore each book more in depth. These activities can include discussions, exercises, etc. Examples of books to be reviewed are:

- The Four Agreements - Miguel Ruiz

- Gifts of Imperfection - Brené Brown

- Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra

Setting Goals and Building Your Personal Pathway

This course allows you to set personal and professional goals and helps you develop concrete pathways to achieve those goals.



Workshops and Lectures 

Workshops & Lectures

De-cluttering and Organizing

In an effort to help you simplify your space, we offer help to de-clutter or organize your home or work space. This service can include a computer model of proposed furniture placement plans. Get a free quote today!

Personality Profiles

Looking to understand yourself better? Hoping to get along better with your spouse, children or parent? Looking for a fun evening out with friends or a different kind of date night with your partner? We offer individual or group personality readings. Each client receives a personalized profile of their personality, including self-care strategies, tips to better relate to others and more! Book your personality reading today!

Resource Development
Customized Learning Material

Looking to create some pedagogical materials for your organization? We develop online and printed resources for various public and private organizations. Choose from various formats including concept maps, posters, information sheets, articles, and online learning tools.

Consulting Services
Simplify Learning

Educational consulting services include:
• Statistical analysis

• Data management
• Curriculum Development

• Online Course Development
• Policy Writing
• Transfer Agreement Development
• Training and Professional Development • Other Educational Services

$95per hour

Services From:

Life Coaching
Personalized or Group sessions

Other Services

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